7 Quick Takes: Yurt in Disarray


1. I escaped to my favorite cafe to edit a dozen poems in hopes of finding one of them a home somewhere. 5 hours later, I come home to this:


All over my floor and dishes piling up again on the stove. At least it’s an attractive mess..

2. We are trying to get a studio set up for Seth behind the house. It would open up so much space in the yurt, and after that, maybe add on a bedroom. Exciting! Of course, it’s behind “finishing the outhouse interior” and “deep-cleaning the yurt”, but ideally we’ll get it all done before winter!

3. I haven’t written seriously in years, this past month I’ve been trying desperately to build the sort of daily order that would allow me to focus on my writing and the self discipline and confidence to send it out to various journals. This is the second round of send-offs, and it really does get easier each time!

All the same, keeping up on my writing has put me behind in other ways. I’m behind on prepping for our upcoming school-year. Yarrow will be starting level 1B (first grade) in her schooling (we plan most of our curriculum through Mater Amabilis. And I am determined to start the year off on the right foot, even if it means taking a hiatus from serious writing.


4. Ilya, being only 3, will not be doing any ‘official’ schooling. But he loves being included. We do ‘breakfast reading’ (a morning basket around the table), and most of it is just pleasant, enjoyable-to-all sorts of things: saints stories, women and men in science, art history, Spanish poetry, English poetry, the Mass readings of the day, and whatnot.

He also has happy little color-flashcards that Seth made for him, lots of alphabet books, and plenty of time to paint with Seth while Yarrow does her narrations.

(can you tell I’m excited about this year?!)

5. But, I’m an INFJ…and really, I put the “I” in INFJ – the most draining thing for me is social interactions. Not my kids or Seth, we are so very intertwined, living as we do. And while I sometimes need a break from them too, it’s mostly, well, the rest of the world that really drains me. So starting the school year right, for me will ideally mean taking a big break from people! No visitors during the initial phase please! Unless it’s a one on one coffee date with a fellow introvert. I can handle that much!

Personality typing is one of those fun, interesting, easy ways of getting to know someone. I’m mostly an INFJ, with INFP tendencies; an enneagram 4w5; mostly melancholic; and a Leo with a fire hand. What are you?

6. Yesterday I took a walk down to the beaver-pond. It used to be a stream – all sandy-bottomed and clear. We bathed down there when we we new yurters, and filled buckets with clear water to wash diapers and clothes and dishes. Now I could go boating across the pond, the elderberries and blackberries are drowned, but it is beautiful.

Seth has seen the beavers, they have a lodge down there and everything. They’ve prepped a few trees for us to burn this winter. I’m very fond of them. Yarrow and Ilya will be watching the pond shift through the seasons this year, for schooling. Sketching the water (hopefully the beavers too!).

7. Summer infusing has begun! We have a lemon-verbena liquor, red-clover syrup, and lemon balm-y honey sitting up on the shelf. When the bee-balm blossoms, I want to blend it with chamomile in gin.

Our winter favorite though is black tea in vodka..just for a half-hour..for warming up after a long day in the snow. And Elderberry oxymel (apple cider vinegar, honey, and elderberries all steeped to make the tastiest flu shot imaginable). I’m hoping we have enough elderberries left this year to make some!

Blessed Friday all!


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