Keeping House



How do you keep your house clean?

Do you have a cleaning schedule, or do you clean as you go? I have a schedule, I’m not the best at following it, but I try. Today, Wednesday, is ‘deep cleaning day’. On Wednesdays I tie up my hair, put on black lipstick and so much eyeshadow, and scrub away the dirt, purge the clutter, and indulge my deep love of Murphy’s Oil Soap and lemongrass essential oil.

If I’ve kept up on my schedule, by ‘deep cleaning day’ I’ve got my laundry done (Mondays), the outhouse tidied and the garden weeded (Tuesdays – but actually, that never happens..but sometimes I’ve neatened it up a bit), and I can focus either on Konmaring a group of things, or on scrubbing and washing and ordering the house itself.


Thursdays I try to stick to baking and whatever sewing or herbal projects I have, and Fridays I give to St. Paraskeva. Efficiency isn’t everything, after all, and a day offered up is a healing thing.

Sometimes, the whole schedule falls to ruin around me, sometimes I’m lucky to get the dishes done on Wednesday, but most of the time, the schedule keeps our days focused and tidy enough. And ‘most of the time’ is enough to cover days like today, when neither black lips nor dishes were done.

So how do you keep house? What little rituals and schedules make up your quotidian?

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  1. Stephanie Perrot says:

    I am a lazy housekeeper.

    We have a big house. The upstairs gets a thorough cleaning/sheet change like maybe every other week and I’m lying bc it’s really once a month. My first floor daily cleaning routine depends on whether or not my husband works that day. If he works, I speed clean in the 30 minutes before he gets home. If he’s home, then we basically clean all day bc he hates messes.

    I really want to have more of a routine than this, but I spend too much time on facebook to get anything going. Its definitely something I want and need to change about myself.

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    1. masha says:

      You and me both!!!

      Lol. I really need to adjust my online time! Having data through the cell company was so thrilling when we first got it, but it really has become kind of a crutch and a distraction for me!


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