Meals at Home

These two…So much love! And if you’ve never sliced up a banana, dropped spoonfuls of peanut butter on it, sprinkled it with dried coconut and called it ‘breakfast’, then you should! It’s one of their favorites! They even share!
Seth and I prefer a more grown up breakfast..or lunch..or brunch, maybe. A meal of greens, bacon, and beer is never out of place!
We’re also big into water. All of us. Ilya is obsessed with water. He has cups scattered everywhere, full of bread-crumbs and soggy bits of carrot.
Coffee is another family favorite. And sometimes, on Sundays after Mass, we pair it up with doughnuts. It’s pretty thrilling.
Pasta is a dinner-time standby. We like it with piles of cooked veggies and fresh greens. Ilya likes it all by itself.
35921275796_2514a12af1_k (1)
Pancakes and home-grown sausage are delightful on Sundays, when we aren’t just eating doughnuts. It’s berry season, so sometimes we plop blueberries or blackberries in the pancakes, or add a bit of cornmeal. And in the winter, a tiny bit of cardamom and cinnamon make them the coziest food ever.

..We eat a lot of different ways, depending on the season. But these are some of our favorites. What are yours?

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  1. Stephanie Perrot says:

    I could talk about food all day long! When I’m feeling bored I spend a lot of time on pinterest looking for tasty new things to try.

    My go-to breakfast now is carb heavy since my pregnancy nausea has been so bad. Before I got pregnant I was all about eggs. In my favorite dish I roasted chunks of sweet potato in the oven, seasoned with evoo, salt, pepper and smoked paprika. Toss that with cooked crumbled sausage sauteed with chopped up onions and peppers. The pinterest recipe I followed had a dressing made with mustard, evoo and a few other things so you toss it with the sweet potato chunks, sausage, peppers and onions. Put that in a bowl and top with a fried egg or two. Sooooo good. I didn’t make that fresh every day. I’d make a batch of the sweet potato and sausage/veggies and then reheat every morning. I generally microwaved it, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that you don’t have one of those. It reheats just as nicely in a pan on the stovetop though. The sausage veggie mix was tangy with the dressing and the creaminess of the runny yolk was just so delicious with it. There were definitely some days I had that for two meals.

    I’m going to try your banana idea with my girls. They love bananas and peanut butter.

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    1. masha says:

      Oh my goodness that sounds amazing!!! I love sweet potatoes in anything and the whole combination makes me hungry! Thanks for sharing!!


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