Night-time Fairies

The kids adore our fairy neighbors. We have primroses growing along their garden-bed, in hopes of attracting our friends, and heart’s – ease scattered among the balms. Almost every night I can hear Yarrow whisper her longing to the moon: Someday maybe the fairies will wake me and take me dancing under the trees. Maybe tonight!


Our nights are full of fairies. On birthday and name-day eves, we leave out a slice of cake in the garden for our fairy friends, they eat it and cover the plate with flowers or tokens of love – luck for the year to come. We leave out cakes on the altar as well, for the saints to bless and share. Happy generosity, they love to celebrate with us!


It’s become such a delightful ritual. We have a small cake-pan for the altar cakes, and two small plates for fey and blessed friends. And now, as Yarrow says ‘good-bye’ to her baby teeth, we have another chance to share. The fairies come at night to collect the lost and lonely tooth, eat a cake all their own, and take the tooth away to their woodland cave for safe-keeping. Witches love teeth – so many spells are better and stronger with a tooth in the mix – but our fairy neighbors keep them tucked away where no witch can find them. Or so they say, and who am I to argue?

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  1. Shannon says:

    I love this so much!! I tell my children that fairies will only play with children who are sleeping very soundly in the hope that they’ll fall asleep faster ✨

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  2. masha says:

    Haha! Good idea!!


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