Road Trip

I wrote a bit about our recent drive down to see the eclipse! The natural world is so amazing, so overwhelming in it’s magic and beauty!

But..Do the roads and this country feel different to anyone else? A little less friendly, maybe? What do you think?

Beautiful Crows

My family went on a road trip last week. Our first very long drive since we took the kids to visit my family in Michigan a couple years ago, and our first real road trip since Yarrow was born 6 years ago. We had an amazing time! This was such a once-in-a-lifetime trip for us, few animals to leave behind, an eclipse to discover, tons of time together just to talk and laugh and love. I am so thrilled that I went along with this trip, which was totally Seth’s idea!


It was different though, in an unexpected way. We are different, obviously – we’ve settled down on our lovely patch of land and set down roots to last a lifetime. We have two kids and a dog who need more frequent stops and safer lodgings than Seth and I ever did on our own. We had chickens, ducks, and…

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4 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. It does feel different now, but I can’t say I feel any less at home out on the road. Especially for events like the eclipse I try to embrace how unusual of a situation this is and seek to make connections where we can.


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