( I feel like a real homesteader now!)


Aren’t they pretty!

Lilith, Pele, Freja, and Inanna arrived Wednesday. They’re nubian does, none of them are milking currently, but we hope to have two of them bred this fall if possible. Right now, they’re just settling in and loving their new home.


The kids are in love..they’re learning to handle themselves around slightly larger-than-Luba animals, learning that goats don’t always respect personal space, and happily feeding hay and grasses to the greedy goats.

It’s so much fun.


They also read to them, because what goat doesn’t want to hear the story of ‘The Fortune-Tellers’ or ‘The little Red Caboose’ three or four times a day? Our girls are an attentive audience. Most of the time..

We have a bit to learn about goat-tending, and the does have some learning to do as well..none of them has walked on a halter – though they’re pretty well behaved, they don’t know how to be led. So we’re learning together!

And while we do, our overgrown, briar-filled land is being tamed. It’s a delightful new adventure.

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  1. SO AWESOME!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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