Tearing Down the House

We’re doing it! We took the walls off on Sunday and scrubbed them down, they’ll be painted today or tomorrow. This morning Seth is taking down the dome and we’ll be re-adjusting the lattice, cleaning the beams, and taking off the roof for cleaning and painting. It is so exciting. I can’t wait for my house to be all refreshed and ready for autumn!


Right now, we’re tenting in the yard. The kids have been having a blast running wild, helping with clean up, and snuggling down in the nest of blankets our little tent has become. It holds the heat so well, the tent is warmer than the house would be during these chilly nights, and we can hear all the night noises just a little bit more clearly: the goats stamping and kicking their walls, the guineas waking up early, the rustling in the trees – just out of sight. Luba curls up in the tent with us, feeling deeply loved and taking up much more than her fair share of blankets.



We’ll be busy this week with all the cleaning, painting, fixing up, and putting back together; and then afterwards we’ll be redecorating a bit. Replacing old shelves with something stronger, purging out all the things we don’t want to put back in the house, and getting ready for the cold weather that is coming oh-so-soon!


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