Changing Habits in July


This month, I said ‘good-bye’ to Facebook.


Seth and I joined together (with a joint account) when we were married in 2008. Over the years, we’ve had a careless, shifting level of engagement there, but I’ve seen it creep up slowly in the last few years to become a real distraction. And I don’t want that. So while Seth is still on Facebook with our old account, it’s just him now.

It’s not that I think the troubles in our world don’t matter, it’s just that I feel most qualified to heal them by shaping my own environment and tending the people in my care. If Facebook has taught me anything, it’s that intense, personal discussions can rarely be fruitful online – especially among strangers who think that they’re friends. Rarely. It’s just not something I’ve the time or energy, or battery life to invest in at this phase of life. I have young children who want a mama to read with them or walk them through the trees, I have a garden growing wild, hungry animals, and pages to write before I sleep.

I do still manage my blog’s little page on Facebook. I link this posts, I read comments, and I try to share bits and pieces of our daily life. But the newsfeed, and the rest of Facebook I’ve turned over entirely to my less empathic husband.


It’s inspired me to make this July a month to nourish intentionality in my daily life overall. June was a trying month, stress, sickness, busy days, uncertainties.. definitely a perfect month to offer up to the Sacred Heart! But now that July has come, hot and humid – with a green garden, good health (soon, I hope!), and some semblance of structure – we’re working on reclaiming our Slow Life and enjoying it!

So what does that look like at our house?

  •     (Besides me giving up Facebook for good!)
  •     Staying home more! We’re back to organizing our trips into town and making as few as possible but..
  •     Seeing more of friends! I’m organizing a monthly ladies night out with a few close friends, and working on starting a book club locally as well! But we’re not limiting it to that. We have visits planned with a few local friends this month. I think a lot of us millennial parents are missing out on the joys our parents got to experience in the 80s and 90s, so I’m channelling a bit of that spirit and building up our local community!
  •      My Instagram Intentional Living Challenge (#makeintentionalitycoolagain – and yes, I’m mocking the whole Make America Great Again, but gently..don’t hate me!) I’m so excited about this! And it is never too late to join in!!
  •     ….and more! But I’m not sure what yet, because I’ve only just begun planning this out!


I’m so excited! It’s going to be a great month!

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