Feeling: still slightly hazy-brained, tired, but refreshed. We spent all day at home yesterday, and didn’t work on a single thing! We all went to bed last night in that tired, happy, hot, summer exhaustion that has nothing to do with accomplishment and everything to do with company.

Thinking: about boosting my immune system seriously this month! Since Easter we’ve all been sick at least twice and something needs to be done! I think the biggest issue is stress, we’ve just had so much going on and so many little stressors that built up; but my side job is a problem as well: it’s a greasy pizza kitchen with a whole bundle of sickly co-workers, and, because the owner is a somewhat emotionally unstable person, it’s a emotionally draining place to be. I’ve recently taken to meditative prayer during our stressful times, which helps a lot, but I think I need to go into each work day with a stronger sense of intentionality and interior quiet.


Dreaming: of finding a way we can actually pay our bills consistently and pursue our passions. Everything was going so well until the Subaru took sick and needed to pass inspection – we had a balance; now we have a distractingly stressful imbalance of funds and expenses. I feel as though a tiny shift in perspective and lifestyle could fix it all, but I haven’t found that sift yet. What works for you? How do you find that balance?

Praying: For a delightful man I’ve never met, who heard my husband’s camera had broken and sent him a replacement. Only better.. Seth had a little point and click digital camera from Best Buy, his faraway friend sent him a Canon “rebel”..which is a good camera. Maybe Seth should start taking family photos for local friends? Anyway, this delightful man is tucked up on our altar now, may his generosity and friendship be “counted unto him as righteousness.”


Drinking: creamy coffee. It goes so well with the blueberry crumble cake I made yesterday (recipe via the amazing Smitten Kitchen) and served up with strawberries for breakfast – heedless of sugar content. Seth is reading a loud to the kids while the sun rises higher and higher in the sky.

Working on: Starting a local bookclub (real and in person!); organizing my summer days – now that I have energy for more than just work and animal-tending again! – Minimizing my things and, more importantly, my distractions/online time/wants/how-on-earth-do-you-get-spam-numbers-to-stop-calling?

How is your day today?

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