Maine Summer Sangria

We had friends over for dinner the other night. It was hot and humid, I put goat-curry to simmer on the outdoor stove and let peachy-thyme galettes set on the table – under a napkin to keep the bugs away.


For drinks, I made fresh lemonade with blueberries and peaches for the kids and chilled two bottles of vinho verde in a bucket of rainwater for sangria. It’s been one of my favorites this month, mainly because our thyme has been doing so much better this year than ever before! We moved it early this spring into it’s own bed and the difference is delightful. No more tough, woody stems sprouting a scraggly leaf or two before withering! This year I’ve a springy carpet of leaves and pale flowers bursting with scent.

Vinho verde and thyme were made for each other. I gather a few largish sprigs, along with some lemon verbena, and bee balm and steep them in the wine while slicing up peaches and lemons. Lemons are the only none local ingredient for us, but I think they add a nice freshness!


Each Sangria is a bit different, blackberries are just starting to ripen here, and blueberries are less plentiful, but wine is forgiving, it embraces whatever you throw in it. When our friends came the other night for goat curry and galettes, it was a peachy-berry-thyme, July Sangria. tonight –  to welcome August  – it’ll be herbier: thyme, Russian sage, bee balm, chamomile, and a few of the first blackberries.

Blessed August all!


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  1. homeandharrow says:

    This sounds wonderful!


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