Goldenrod for End of Summer Healing

It glows like the autumn sun as it towers above field and hedgerows. Summer is passing away and the goldenrod has come to make that passing lovely.


In September we fill the house with goldenrod. It glows on the altar and bends over pitchers of water on the table. It scatters blossoms on the floor and brightens up darkening evenings with it’s glow.

But goldenrod is more than just late summer beauty, it helps to heal us in this shifting season. Autumn allergies are a real and frustrating thing for many of us, and goldenrod can help! Funny that we think of it as the culprit, when in reality it’s generally the helper, growing among the allergy-causing ragweed plant.

A tea of fresh goldenrod blossoms and raw honey is so soothing to allergies (and asthma!). It reduces the body’s overwhelmed response and opens up congested airways. But tea isn’t the only way – thank goodness, because goldenrod hates drying out, and humid air can cause it to puff up instead of drying properly.


Infuse you fresh goldenrod in raw honey for a few weeks and then use the honey as you would a syrup; or make a proper syrup with the flowers. Either is a lovely addition to toast, scones, and allergy/lung health!

Some people make a tincture from goldenrod as well – great for days when you need a little extra support or when you want to use it for it’s diuretic properties. A goldenrod tincture can comfortably support a kidney cleanse without putting too much pressure on the body.

It’s anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory (that’s why it’s so helpful with allergies and asthma!), and is known to lessen bleeding, leading to it’s being called ‘woundwort’ among the elder or more traditional herbalists.

And it’s cheery gentleness and calm reminder of summers yet to come can be a comfort to many in the grieving process. Goldenrod blossoms in the dying year to point us through the winter’s darkness to springtime and resurrection.


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