When God Wants to Teach You Something…


He really hammers it home.

St. Elijah knows..He understands

Apparently, I’m supposed to learn something about cars. Or maybe it’s trust. Or maybe it’s a lesson in staying home more and really building this domestic monastery. Either way, He’s been pretty insistent this year, so I better figure it out soon!

“Cars and [Goepels] are like, un-mixy things.”

Yesterday, while driving the new car (remember the new car, we just bought it in July), I heard a surprising crunch and my car just staggered to a halt. I tried to put it in park and turn it off, but quickly realized shifting gears would be impossible.

notice the gear shifter..and how it just burst up from within!

Two hours and a AAA visit later, I was back home and reflecting on the craziness of this whole year’s car trouble. Somehow, my relationship with the wider culture and my assumptions about mobility have to change. I need to settle into this little hermitage of mine and rethink a bit.

As we figure it out, we’re resurrecting the red subaru so we can make it to Mass on Sunday, and readjusting some expectations. Say a prayer for us as we take this huge hint from God and retreat a bit more into our little woodland.


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