Healing, Hot Drinks for Midwinter

We are gathering around the stove more and more often these days, for tea and coffee, and other soothing cups. We cradle our mugs in hands streaked with soot and ink, sipping drinks that comfort our hearts and hands, souls and bodies.

We’re a coffee family in the mornings, or late at night, and sometimes in the afternoon. But on especially dark days, our coffees become fancy, whipped, indulgent cups of coziness instead of simple, warming wake-up mugs.


Often, we froth some milk on the stove, make mochas for the kids, and wintertime spiced Irish coffees for the adults; then top it all off with fresh whipped cream and nutmeg.

Mini gingerbread cookies make ideal drink toppers on these cozy cups, but we’ve been known to use sprinkles at times too, or Christmas candies. These morning coffees guarantee a cheerful start to the morning, at least in our house, unless Luba sneaks over to steal a small child’s cup. But the kids are careful to keep their mugs out of reach most of time, and Luba is left glaring at us from ‘her’ chair, longing for a mocha all her own.


We froth milk a lot in December, before Lent comes to ban it from the menu. Steamers, cardamom-milk, and herbal infused milks, hot cocoa. The spiced milks and infusions are my favorite. There are few drinks as soothing as a cardamom, turmeric milk with vanilla and cinnamon after splitting wood on a bitterly cold day.

But these days, I’m craving tea more than anything in the afternoons. I hope St. Nicholas and the Christ Child bring a few boxes of teas to refresh our stash. My smokey, Russian tea is nearly gone. Our green tea has completely run out, and while blending herbs is fun, sometimes I do just want strong black tea in a pot to pour from for hours.

What are you drinking these days, friends? Send  any good, warming recipes my way, please!

I’m linking up with the Homestead Blog Hop! Who knew there were all these amazing homesteaders online? I mean, probably everyone but me, right? Go check them out if, like me, you kinda missed out on this awesome connection!

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  1. Yerba Mate is my drink of choice, I percolate it on the stove for about twenty minutes until it’s strong! Coffee too in the mornings and sometimes throughout the day. Holy water in everything! +++

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    1. Masha says:

      Ooh! I have yet to try Yerba Mate! But I’m going to check it out. Nice and strong is the best way to go with hot drinks. And blessings for all the things! 🙂


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