How was your 2018? Full of challenges and struggles? Full of unrealized dreams? Yeah, me too.

2018 was a rough year for a lot of us. For some, most of the struggles were frustrating and exhausting. They forced us to reach out, ask for help, and accept the generosity of friends and family. Last year we struggled through a lot of car issues, we were blessed with generous friends and family but the stress took it’s toll. It’s been a battering year, and when I look at the people around me, it’s easy to see thst we got off easy.

After such a 2018, turning the corner is so full of hope. Maybe in the new year this season of hardship will shift into something calmer. Maybe in 2019 there will be a little rest for us weary, millennial families, right?

I hope so, but whether 2019 is more of the same, or bit of calm amid the storms of life, this year, I’ll be focusing on renewal.

In 2019 I’m not just resting my soul in good books and devotions; or curling up with cups of herbal teas while the record player winds through Kate Wolf and Paul Winter. I’m being intentional about renewing my body, mind, and soul; crafting rituals that nourish and recommiting to my little domestic monastery.

So, what does that look like? I’m not sure yet. But I know it’ll include waking earlier and writing more. I know it includes daily devotions to the Infant of Prague, more water, less sugar, and a huge pile of essential reading. I know it involves restructuring my days around faith and beauty, meal planning, and even a gym membership.

At the end of 2019, I don’t want to feel battered by the year behind me; so here’s to renewal in 2019, we need it!

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  1. Kristi Stone says:

    What a lovely post, Masha. You have a way with words. 🙂 I do hope your 2019 goes better than your 2018 did. Blessings to you. 🙂


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