January Goals


Today is the feast of the Infant of Prague! We’ve been preparing with a novena especially to Him; and now, almost at January’s mid-point, I’m checking in on my commitment to renewal in 2019.


I’m slowly easing back into a more engaged reading list. Books that have been waiting for me to “have the focus” for them are stacked on my bedside table with bookmarks and folded pages. My beloved Kierkegaard is back on the shelf while I met new people and engage with new ideas. But the shift is a slow one, I’ve been an overly indulgent reader for far too long!

My renewed writing life is taking over hug stretches of time. My journaling is still embarrassingly careless – full of later-burned-pages and emotional outpourings – but ultimately helpful. My bullet journal is a monstrosity though, I’m toying with new ideas and new systems of planning at this point. I may keep up with the bullet journal, but it’s been more of a burden than an inspiration this year.


In 2019, my goals for physical renewal have focused a lot on beauty and wellness. I want to end 2019 in a body that feels stronger, healthier, and more loved than ever. I joined a gym after Christmas, and though I can only make it a twice/week commitment, the workouts have been so energizing. I’m also drinking more herbal teas, and starting the day with a pint of lemon or ginger water. My skin is another area I’ve started intentionally renewing, and I’m currently drafting and decocting herbal tonics to renew and support systems I’ve long been neglecting.


The most important aspect of renewal, my spiritual life needs some serious attention. While I feel steady and sustained, I also feel a sense of violence hovering around the edges. In 2018 and continuing into this new year, I’ve felt decidedly under spiritual attack. I’m determined to fling myself whole heartedly into the arms of the Christ Child and trust Him to keep the attackers at bay. But to do that, I’m falling back on devotions that have nurtured me so much in the past – and in particular, fasting.


I seperate this out because it is such a prominent aspect of my life, and my goals for the domestic sphere revolve around reclaiming a sense of peace and ritual in home. It’s been a challenging fall and early winter, but now that the year has shifted and the days are pushing back night, we’re ready to reclaim the quiet beauty of slow living. Afternoon tea time, long read alouds on the couch, and outdoor play make up the bulk of my ideas in this area. But I’m also working on rebuilding and reorganizing the pantry staples, picking up embroidery after years of neglect, and adding new animals to our homestead. Though that last project is more for spring, I have been researching and pricing out bees.

It’s a gradual shift, we’re slow about change here, like the seasons. But goals keep me focused and excited. I love having them all collected under the year’s word: Renewal. It makes then cohesive, like a little family of hope.

Do you have goals for this season?

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  1. wisdomoftheholyfathers says:

    My goals are pretty basic, repentance, endurance, and also renewal. So much of goodness in life is cultivated simply by avoiding sin. ☦️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Masha says:

      So true, my friend!


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