The other day, the winds picked up and snow came tumbling down to cover the whole world. It was bitterly cold, the snow was icy and hard, like little frozen pellet that beat on the roof. It sounded like rain and we spent the day in the house. The fire burned hot all day against the cold. We stayed inside when the goats didn’t need tending. We made wings and french fries, burgers, gin and tonics, and cozy memories.

On stormy days, we get a chance to just rest together as a family. The day before the storm we stocked up on firewood, water, and food. We rushed to a late Saturday Mass along with 80% of the parish and rushed home again to have dinner with friends before the storm sent them home again.


Sunday we woke to 8 new inches of icy snow and more falling. We ate toast and marmalade, drank creamy coffee, and stoked the fire. I fed the goats extra hay and warned them that the snow would keep falling. They hate snowstorms.

But while the goats are sulking in their shed, we’re happy. Drinking cocoa, playing games, and watching the day pass slowly in joy and peace.


Having nowhere to go and nothing to do make stormy days some of the best days for us. And now, with extra snow all around us, we can weather the deep cold a little better. It’s been bitter and windy, with snow squalls and icy pathways this week. But the house is warm and cozy. We stay up late feeding the fire and wake up early to make pancakes and coffee.

On cold days, we get more schoolwork done; we bake and eat. We soak up the sunlight through windows almost buried in snow, and we wait for spring. Anticipation is such a lovely feeling.

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