Bee Keeper’s Wife

Most of the animals on the homestead are mine. Or as much mine as animals can be in a family anyway.

I have ducklings, goslings, tiny chicks, and guinea keets, and scraggly teenage pullets. I have goats, and Luba. Each summer, I have pigs. I’ve picked them all out, raised them up. I feed them and muck them out. Seth builds all their homes, but they’re primarily mine.

Bringing home ducklings

I’m looking out for sheep this year as well. Icelandics or Shetlands. Seth will help me build their home and tend to them, but like all our animals, they’ll mainly be mine.

After Easter though, Seth brought home his animals. A buzzing box of bees. He built them a hive and tucked them inside with love and blessings. When he goes to visit them, they hover around him gently and perch on his shoulders.

Opening up the bee box

I love his bees, but they’re definitely his. He’s getting to know them – they’re beautiful little creatures. We’re so happy to have them settled in their little hive beside the tree line. This spring, we’re adding honeyberries and bee balm to the area.

We’re doing so many things this spring, but the bees are a slow, cozy, addition to the homestead. They’re undemanding, unlike my animals. It’s a joy to have them.

The hive, all finished, but not yet set up in it’s permanent home.

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  1. rachelspendsnothing says:

    That has to be the world’s most beautiful bee hive!!! Our animals are mostly “ours” but my husband was the same with the bees. They were all his and his favorite thing to do was have his morning coffee beside the hive. There is something very appealing about relaxing amid their busy-ness.

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    1. Masha says:

      Thank you! It really is such a joy to just have them nearby!


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