Making Domesticity Stick

We all know I like to dream big. Actually working my way through those dreams is not one of my strengths though. Maybe that’s why my New Year’s resolutions tend to fizzle out by the end of January.



This year though, I have some serious motivation. This year, it’s all going to be different!

(Don’t laugh…I’m serious!)

So. Do you want to hear some of my ideas for making my commitment to Domesticity as my word of 2020 actually stick?

Bullet Journaling

I’ve had a bullet journal for (off and on) years now. But in 2019, I recommitted to this practice in a serious, and more personalized, way. I’ve never had such a consistent and effective bujo year.

I’m not trying to make it super artsy, and I’m skipping all the general information in the front. Bullet Journaling has become simple and functional, and mind-clearing for me. It’s full of saints days, check lists, writing ideas – with a commonplace book section at the back.

I still think my bullet journal is beautiful – it’s kind of an essential for me! – but it’s simple and casual as well. My kids have pages of drawings in my book, there are coffee splatters, and crossed out pages.

But it works. It structures my mind and my days.


Vision Book

Yep, I’m jumping into the world of vision boards. This one is actually a book. A dual commonplace book and collection of images that’s designed to remind me of the life I’m pursuing.

For me, it involves lots of long aprons, pots of tea, books, clean floors, happy animals, laughing children, and recipes. Lots of quotes by Tolstoy and Fulton Sheen. Sewing projects I’d love to attempt and knitting how-tos.

Vision boards and books help reset my mindset when I’m feeling lazy or bored with my intentional life. I’m really excited about getting this book to a place where it’s ready to share with you all as well!


75 Hard

Ok, this one is both super challenging, and essential to forming new habits.

75 Hard is this 75 day-challenge I’ve seen friends jumping into. They’ve loved it and they’ve benefitted a lot from the process.

In the real 75 Hard, participants commit to:

  • Dietary Restrictions: pretty much up to the participant, those eliminating or extremely minimizing alcohol and sugar are required/ strongly recommended.
  • Drinking 1 gallon of water/day
  • Reading 10 pages of a non-fiction book each day
  • 45 minutes of exercise 2/day (at least one has to be outside)
  • taking a daily selfie

I’m pretty sure that’s it. But, I’m editing it, of course, to fit my lifestyle. I’m adding in a daily Rosary (because, honestly, no self improvement project is complete without prayer!).

I’m also adjusting the exercise commitment. One of those 45 minute periods has to be outdoor, animal and yard care. Because really, it’s hard work, and it’s domestic, and it’s healthier than just focusing on “exercise” in general.

For my dietary requirements, I’m avoiding all process, packaged foods and committing to preparing nourishing, ancestrally inspired foods at home. Some of this challenge will be in Lent, and it’ll be exciting to rediscover the Lenten meals that nourish and sustain within our fasting tradition.

Starting January with 75 Hard will take advantage of my early enthusiasm to train my mind into new, healthy, domestic habits.

What do you think?

I’m pretty exciting about preparing to step – eyes wide open – into my new year of intentions! Do you have any other advice for making resolutions stick?