In 2010, Seth and I feel in love with a beautiful little woodland in western Maine. It was wild, overgrown pasture-land; full of birches, beeches, and pines. An eager little stream darted through the property, wild blackberries cluttered up the little meadows, and coyotes howled after sunset.

It was ideal. A quarter of a mile or more from the nearest electrical-line, we set up our brand-new yurt and got ready to learn about living on the land from the land. Everything was new and exciting!


A year later we welcomed our sweet Yarrow. My lovely, fairy-child was born loving the moon and the rain and the gentle night. Now 7 years old she loves reading to herself on the big rock beyond the gardens, and greeting Venus in the evening sky.


Ilya, our tender boy is 3 and like his sister he can find the moon any time she’s up. Cassiopeia and The Lady in the Moon are his favorite-friends in the sky, and on earth he likes to gather up an armful of duck and hug it close to his heart.


Together with Luba the dog our little family lives in a 24′ diameter yurt (a little under 500sq. feet.), we have a composting outhouse, a coop full of chickens, ducks, and guinea hens. We are in the process of completing a separate studio space for Seth (who paints at Paperwine Industries .. currently located in the middle of our little house!)

We homeschool. Yarrow is currently reading easily all about Bilbo’s adventures and picking her way through bits of Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books; Ilya has color flashcards and Dahlov Ipcar ABC books to play around with, but we tend toward the Charlotte Mason attitude toward early education – an abundance of play in an atmosphere of beauty.

Welcome to our little online home! I can’t wait to get to know all of you as well. Tell me about yourselves, I can listen forever to the stories that other people have to share!


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