Wintertime Puppy

Yesterday, friends from Ohio brought us a puppy. Actually, they brought up two puppies. One for us, one for a friend. Puppies are expensive around here. Too many people paying too much for faux-kids maybe? Whatever the cause, finding an affordable puppy that will fit in well with our life was a challenge. But in…

Christmas Gifts

I’m almost certain Seth won’t be reading this before Christmas. Almost… But I’m so proud of my herby wines, I just can’t resist sharing. It’s been an emotionally draining autumn and winter. The house is cozy, but the world outside is a tempest. In our little house, we can feel heavy winds shake the canvas….

Yuletide Evenings

The sun sets early, we light the lamps and scatter candles. The trees is shimmering with reflected light, the fire crackles.  There’s hot soup in bowls and fresh bread on the cutting board. Kids nestle together in front of the fire reading and laughing together. Yuletide evenings are full of good things and cozy memories….